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Wendy's House OF SOUL, Inc. provides food services and food products to members of communities all across Minnesota. The most known product is the signature SOULROLL invented by Wendy Puckett herself. When asking how SOULROLLS came about, Wendy Puckett states, "SOULROLLS were a way to trick my kids into eating the proper amount of daily vegetables". Her love of food and music is where the brand "You've Been Souled" was birthed. The logo, which is a picture of "Rollo the SOULROLL" wearing headphones, is a visual showing the integration between food and music. With over 20+ years of catering and bartending experience under her belt, Wendy Puckett has garnished every SOULROLL with customer service and impromptu skills that go unmatched.


*If you have questions about where to get your taste of a SOULROLL click our contact page or call for any questions.

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